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Leaveforce is an employee leave-tracking solution for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft teams. It enables you to create holidays and time-off policies for your team, see who is out, get alerts on career milestones, and know when someone is at risk of burnout so you can take action before it’s too late.

Built for teams that use Microsoft 365

Leaveforce is different. It’s a fully customizable Power App, so there are no per-user fees, and it works with all your existing Microsoft 365 apps, such as Outlook, Teams, and Planner.

With Leaveforce, you never have to worry about data security or messy logins since it lives inside your Microsoft 365 environment.

Use Leaveforce to set up time-off policies for your team (vacation, sick, parental, jury duty, and more) that have monthly or daily accruals. Enable employees and managers to submit and approve leaves via Microsoft Teams.

Leaveforce allows managers to submit time off on behalf of their team if those people are unwell and unable to access the app.

Create custom holiday lists or choose from dozens of public holiday lists. Assign holidays to groups or individual users.

All Holiday schedules are automatically synced to your team’s Outlook calendars with reminders in Microsoft Teams, so they won’t forget.

Automate your out-of-office messages and set up workflows to create approval tasks in To-do’s, Planner, or Vineforce.

Notify everyone in Microsoft Teams automatically when leaves are requested, approved, or declined.

Give your team a dashboard to see their leave balances, the status of other colleagues currently on leave, upcoming holidays, and important career milestones such as work anniversaries.

Team leaders can identify employees who have not taken much leave recently and are at risk for burnout.

Time-off’s Holidays Automation Insights



Pay once and own it forever

Self installation


Download the Leaveforce Power App and follow our step-by-step instructions to set it up in your Microsoft 365 environment.

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Professional installation


Let our team install, set up, and train you on Leaveforce (includes 60 complimentary days of support but no customization).

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Need to customize Leaveforce? We can help. We can customize the look and feel, build custom workflows, or add additional functionality.

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Questions we often get

1. How many in my organization can use Leaveforce?
Everyone in your organization can use Leaveforce.
2. Can I customize Leaveforce myself?
Yes, once you buy you can customize it to fit your need.
3. Do you provide support?
Yes, we provide paid annual support for Leaveforce and M365. Contact us to find out more.
4. Can I resell or use Leaveforce in client projects?
You can use it in up to 5 projects. If you need to use it in more, you will need to buy an unlimited resale license for $999 contact us for more details